Want customized strategies, accountability, or training specific to your challenges?  If so, check out the options below.

This entire video is approximately 42 min.  Feel free to skip through the beginning (the about Karen slides, etc.) and get to the “good info” that starts about about 6 1/2 minutes into the video.

Business Coaching & Advisory

Perfect for Solopreneurs, Sales Pros, and Coaches

choose hourly or package



Need a business boost or have a specific challenge?
We can accomplish a lot in an hour!
What do you want to focus on?

  • Boosting Sales – strategy, marketing, overcoming objections, etc.
  • Empowerment – providing tools and techniques so you can easily increase profits
  • Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs – building confidence

Hourly Business Advisory or Coaching



3 Month Package   

Here is what you get: 
  • 9 personalized one-on-one phone sessions – 45-60 minutes each (usually 3 per month)
  • recordings of all sessions (technology permitting)
  • email support
  • clear strategies to get the results you want while working within the vision and goals of your business
  • training and advice on any and all areas of operating a business (including sales techniques, business structures, financial aspects, etc)
  • refined marketing strategies focused on your target niche market thus streamlining your marketing efforts…and saving you time and money
  • accountability, support, and someone who understands the challenges of being in business.  I “get it”!  🙂
  • anything else you need or want to work on with your business
  • working on a regular schedule ensures that the momentum continues and the focus stays pure to your ultimate goals 

Package of 9 Sessions over 3 months
$1,797  Single Pay* – one-payment
(save $453 compared to hourly) 

*Ask about a payment option. 

 BEFORE YOU PAY, let’s make sure this is the most helpful option. 

Corpororate/Group Training

Perfect for Leaders, Execs, and Sales Teams

customized for your needs

We realize your business needs are unique.  You may require a 30 minute presentation to motivate and inspire or a full day training to set goals or provide teams with tools to help them succeed. 

If your company would like to hire Karen for a presentation or training, reach out to discuss the best solutions for your organization.   

For price quotes on corporate training, please Contact Us with details.

Details to include are:
Ultimate goal of the training
Focused topics/challenges
Number of attendees
Point of Contact
Company Name
Website URL

Typical Presentation Topics

  • Sales Team Training
  • Relationship Building (co-workers, networking, prospects)
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Leadership Skills (one-on-one or group)
  • Goal Setting & Getting
  • Motivational Techniques
  • many more…

We are here to help bring your organization to the next level of success it is meant to achieve!   Just let us know what your needs are and we can customize a presentation or training for you!

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