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I met Karen at one of the meetup groups that she hosts and was not looking for a business coach at the time. However, shortly thereafter I realized I needed a business coach and was able to speak with a few of them. The one thing that stuck in my mind about Karen is her focus on sales and improving sales which is what I wanted to focus on. I had a follow up call with her after the meetup and even on that free call she provided value with her insights and advice. The next day I hired her. We have been working together for a few months now and I feel better about myself, about my business, and I have the advice that I need. Karen has helped me with many of my fears and challenges already. She is so easy to speak to, helps you gain perspective on your business and has excellent ideas for improvement.

Loren North

Personal Clothing Stylist - Personal Shopper, Through The Closet Door

Karen’s extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of business has been essential to me as an entrepreneur. Karen is an expert in marketing, sales, and much more. She showed me how to market my services and present my business in a way that truly honors the people I serve and attracts new clients. In addition to providing business advising, Karen has supported me through the emotional ups and downs that come with owning a business. I would definitely recommend “Karen’s Edge” to any new or experienced entrepreneur.

Joy Carter

Transformational & Spiritual Coach

When I met Karen I was in a rut in my business.  Previously, I had a horrible experience working with a coach so I was VERY apprehensive of working with one again, but I knew I needed it. On our first call I was blown away! She pointed out things I had never thought of and in just ONE call had figured out what was causing my rut AND provided solutions. I immediately bought a package and am now on my 2nd. What I have accomplished in such a short amount of time with Karen is unbelievable and I can’t even imagine her not being a part of my business. I’m incredibly excited for the future of my business and the greater success to come from working with her.

Heather Townsend, CFP®, CPA & CSLP®

Personal Financial Planner, Townsend Financial

It’s a rewarding experience to coach with her.  The topic was to find my niche market and we did just that.  Specific types were discussed along with verbiage and “what ifs” that really give me comfort.  She helped me unlock my mind so I can and will move forward.

Deanna Gnadt

Health Advocate, Juice Plus+

I was fortunate enough to get the chance to work side by side with Karen for a number of years.   Not only her intelligence and knowledge, but her sincere drive to help each and every one of her clients tells you the kind of person Karen is.  She is a very charismatic individual, always diligently working to help better the well being of everyone around her.   She is an honest hardworking professional with the highest of integrity.  I am very happy that I was privileged enough to get the chance to meet Karen and work with her.

Matthew S.

Karen Lawrence is one of those rare individuals who genuinely cares about your personal and business success.  She willingly shares her extensive business expertise and never fails to deliver accurate and timely advice.  If she does not have an answer at her fingertips she will go to great lengths to find the correct answer and a qualified resource.  Her integrity and ethics are rock solid and she takes dispensing advice very seriously.  Karen is one of my treasured personal resources that I am delighted to share with the world!

Suzanne S.

Karen has helped me kick-off my business quickly.  She is committed to see me succeed as much as I.  She is knowledgeable of business operations and shares that knowledge with new entrepreneurs.  She has shared business strategies that I may have never thought of on my own as a new businesswoman.  I highly recommend her to any business person ready to step their business up to the next level.

Jacqueline W.

Karen Lawrence, has assisted me dozens of times with entity formation, tax structure, and marketing issues to name a few.  [She] has since developed a comprehensive four-hour seminar that reaches out to new business owners, and to people who are contemplating starting a business and shows them step-by-step how to do it right the first time.  I find it gratifying to know many more people will now have access to this invaluable information that has helped me so much in the past.

Michael V.

Just a shout out to Karen Lawrence being so helpful! She knows her stuff! If you need help with your business I highly suggest you meet with Karen! She has really given me some great advice about mine! 

Debbie S.

Karen has been a wonderful mentor for me in my business.  She has a vast amount of knowledge which she is never afraid to share with others.  I have been able to present Karen with various issues and she is more than willing to sit with me while I go through all my options.

Another attribute that Karen has is that she has the ability to make you see the qualities you have within.  Sometimes I feel like she fills me up with self-confidence, she makes me realize that I am fully capable of doing what I feel is the undoable.  Very few people have the power to make others realize that they are empowered.


My business coaching session with Karen Lawrence was such a game-changer!  What she taught me during our time together helped me to compress time lines while launching my new business. She saved me countless hours of admin time and this allowed me to have more time for my clients.  What I learned from her was invaluable! If you want to hit a home run in life and in the game of business, then partner with Karen, she is one of the best business consultants around!
Debbie F.

Karen has a diverse background from which she draws to provide expertise and value to people with whom she comes in contact. She is quick to connect people with others who can provide quality services or products, even when it may not directly impact her bottom line.  She has a heart of service to others and understands it is through giving that we receive.  We are pleased to know her!
Jon E.

Have you been considering business/professional coaching? Go with one that works. I had a session with Karen Lawrence this week and she was absolutely amazing! She saw my blind spots, my biggest fear without directing asking about it. She even knew when I was bullshitting her even when I didn’t know I was.

Merianne D.

Karen Lawrence offered me a business coaching consultation, no strings attached! I admit, I was skeptical! But I just finished the call! And wow! I feel empowered, motivated, excited, and super impressed! Karen is a wealth of knowledge and expertise!! What we accomplished in an hour is absolutely amazing! I am pumped! I can only imagine what we can accomplish over time!

Christine L.

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