Do you run your business and your life in a manner that is consistently providing value? 

When we provide services to our clients with a sincere desire to provide them with great value, we will be rewarded with referrals and consistent business growth.

One of my favorite books is “The Science of Getting Rich”, (first published in 1910) by Wallace D Wattles. In it there is a paragraph that reads:

“Take a live interest in every man, woman and child you meet in either a business or social way, and sincerely desire the best for them; they will soon begin to feel that your advancement is a matter of interest to them and they will unite their thoughts for your good. This will form a battery of power in your favor and will open ways of advancement for you.”

Please read that statement again and again until it sinks in deep and becomes a part of you. Providing great value to others was a key to success over 100 years ago and it couldn’t be more true today!  Think about the people in your life who you want to help and provide business referrals to… The people who come to mind first tend to be those who treat you and your clients well and truly care. The same is true of your own clients. When they feel like they matter and you are invested in helping them, they will want to help you build your business.  

Do you want to grow your business and get more referrals?  Then put your clients’ needs first…and they will keep you in the forefront of their minds!

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