Let’s face it  – we are ALL influenced to some degree (either positively or negatively) by our environment, our interactions, and what we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch.   Yes, ALL of us!

Do you ever wonder why you have some of the fears you have?  Do you wonder why you are “stuck” and not able to make the changes you want in your life?  Do you feel like, sometimes, you aren’t even living your OWN life?

If so, here’s why:

Whether or not you agree or disagree with what someone says…or how they behave…there is a metaphorical little “sticky note”  created.  (I use sticky notes because I am addicted to them…they are everywhere in my office.)   

That “sticky note” is placed DEEP inside your mind …in your subconscious…and it is stored there.

You DON’T even realize it’s there.

UNTIL…the next time…

The NEXT time is when someone else says something…does something…or behaves in a certain way that “triggers” that deep rooted “sticky note” to come to the surface.

Your subconscious says ”Wait a minute…there is more information to add to this note.  Let’s make sure to get the rest of the details down. “  or “There’s more information coming through.  It’s time to add another NEW sticky note.”.    Soon, there are millions and millions of messages added to your private, subconscious sticky note stockpile.

EVENTUALLY, all those little  sticky notes come together…collaborate, if you will….and form a “story”.   That STORY…changes the way you think, feel, and YES the way you live your life!  (Think of it like a little brainwashing experiment going on…that you didn’t even realize was happening.)

These “sticky notes” are the root cause of all of our self-doubt, fears, confidence, and success!  They influence every decision we make!

So, what do you do about it?  The first step is to recognize what thoughts, ideas, plans, and desires are truly your own…and NOT someone else’s.  Once you understand the cause of your lack of success or fears, you can move forward toward living the life that is TRULY yours.   The life you were destined to live!  Yes, you can be your authentic self.  We know that when we live our lives authentically, positive and miraculous things start to happen.  That is when we start to see success, feel perfect happiness, and live a life of abundance.

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